The one that got away

For a traveljournalist & photographer, every trip is packed and you’re always racing against time and the elements. So, no matter how many cool things you experience, there will always be something you have to give a miss. Because of your schedule, or simply because it’s raining. For me, one of those was horsebackriding on Grootbos Nature Reserve in the floral cape of South Africa.

We were having a bit of bad luck with the weather, but the estate was beautiful anyway: 2500 hectares of pristine fynboshills, with hikingtrails, two lodges, two restaurants and a beautiful view from about everywhere over the surrounding landscape. After a whaling safari and a visit to Creation Wineries, it started raining and horsebackriding was cancelled that afternoon due to heavy showers.

The next morning I was scheduled to leave. Waking up at the crack of dawn, I opened the curtains to a spectacular view. The sun was shining, the sky a crispy shade of blue and the surrounding hills where fresh and green as can be. I boarded my ride to Cape Town with regret: horsebackriding in these circumstances must have been amazing. Ah well… now I have something to come back for.

Stay: see our article about Grootbos Nature Reserve.

© Words by Linda van de Pavoordt. Photo courtesy of Grootbos Nature Reserve. Published December 8th, 2015.

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