Norway: Juvet Landscape Hotel

Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway.

Seven architectural landscape rooms blend in with nature in the stunning surroundings of the northwest coast of Norway.

Why go to Juvet Landscape Hotel?

  • For the seven landscape rooms, which are built individually into the landscape.
  • To be truly surrounded by Norwegian nature (and to admire it from the outdoor hot tub)
  • For the natural playground that starts just around the corner – think: hiking, mountainbiking and kayakking
  • For the magnificent views from the hotel through the glass walls – of the river, the valley, the mountains, the yard outside or the dramatic gorge below.

How to get there: Juvet Landscape Hotel is located on the northwest coast of Norway, in the Norddal municipality, about 90 minutes by car from the charming city of Ålesund. There are direct flights to Ålesund from Oslo and Bergen in Norway, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Copenhagen in Denmark and from London Gatwick.


What to do: hiking, canyoning, kayaking through the fjords, rafting (more information:Norddal Tourism). And at the end of the day: unwinding in the outdoor hot tub of Juvet Landscape hotel, having some down time next to the fire in the relaxation area or watching the river run by in the ‘quiet room’.

Words by Linda van de Pavoordt. Photos courtesy of Juvet Landscape Hotel (Per Eide, Knut Bry and Jan Olav Jensen). Published February 2nd, 2016.

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