Wales: Hiking the Pembrokeshire Coast

Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales. Photo © Linda van de Pavoordt.

A seagull carried by the wind above the ocean passes me and gives me the look. You know what I mean: when mid-flight they tilt their head and observe you with one keen eye, most probably to find out if you can be of use in the food department. I feel happy, high on these cliffs, hiking a part of the Wales Coast Path. It’s a pity I can only see one view at a time, because all around me are picture worthy landscapes. There is the coastline of Southern Wales in front of me. On the right I can look down, straight to where the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and that coastline meet. Seals are frolicking in the water and one is sunbathing on a rocky outcrop. Behind me are the green, rolling hills of the Pembrokeshire National Park.

Life’s a picnic 

Wales lies in Great Britain and is neighbouring England.  One of the biggest draws for hikers is the Wales Coast Path, which is 1400 kilometres long and opened in 2012. “Shall we go on?”, Ty Williams, a born and bred Welshman and my guide for today, asks. We shall! We walk endless beaches, nearly touch the surf with our boots, watch dogs playing in the sand, pass dunes and hike back uphill on the cliffs, to take a break and see some more spectacular views. We stop for tea and sandwiches at the cute Ye Old World Café (and take it in the lovely garden), but the most treasured moments of the day are the mini-picnics on the way. Just have a look what’s in the packpack: two apples, a bottle of water, some crisps. We sit down on the grass atop of the cliffs, with the most beautiful view in the world. Treasuring the simple things of life. Watching the seagulls watching us.

Practical information Pembrokeshire Coast National Trail

Total Length: 186 miles/300 kilometres  through breathtaking scenery
Divided in: 15 day hikes
Trailrunning: yes.
We hiked: Broad Haven(S) to Skrinkle Haven, 11 miles, (17,7 Kilometres)
Stay: see our feature about Country House Hotel The Grove.

More information:

© Words & photographs by Linda van de Pavoordt. Published January 12th, 2016.

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