about-lindaHi! I am Linda van de Pavoordt, founder of Walking in Luxury. As a travel journalist and photographer I have been writing, photographing and travelling professionally for magazines since 1999. With each assignment my love for roadtrips, islandtrips and citytrips grew. But as life got busier I noticed that I longed more and more for time out in nature, for being active outdoors. Mountains, oceans and clifftops: they draw me in.

But where to start if you also love good food and appreciate well designed hotels (and let’s be honest: prefer a hot shower and a comfortable bed after a long day outside, instead of an inch thick camping mattress on the ground)?

Turns out there are amazing places all over the world! Mountain lodges, luxury guesthouses and designhotels in mouthwatering landscapes, begging for hiking, biking, trailrunning, horsebackriding or surfing, to name a few. Where not an eye is blinked when you enter the lobby in your walkingboots or runningshoes, but where you are welcomed and asked if you had a nice hike today. I am sharing these places and outdoor experiences on Walking in Luxury. Discover them with me. Go out there and enjoy the beauty of this world!

~ Linda van de Pavoordt, founder of Walking in Luxury


My daily job is to produce travelarticles for travel and lifestylemagazines (yeah, I know… but someone has to do it!), see Portfolio for publications. When I am not travelling, I am based in the ever changing city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. If you’ve Rotterdam on your travellist, drop me a message and I’ll send you my favourite places in the city!

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