5 Outdoor Travel Experiences That Give Instant Happiness

Instant happiness.
A hot cuppa during a day in the mountains: instant happiness. Photo © Linda van de Pavoordt.

Be Inspired by These 5 Outdoor Travel Experiences That Give Instant Happiness:

  • Getting up when it’s still quiet outside, in anticipation of an active day in the great outdoors. Be it skiing, hiking, mountainbiking or whatever it is that makes you tick.
  • After a few hours of hiking there it is: the perfect mountain hut with the perfect lunch and the perfect view.
  • Getting to the top, even though you never thought you would make it all the way. Feeling as if the whole world is yours!
  • A hot shower and a glowing skin at the end of a day spent outside.
  • The well deserved dinner and the sharing of precious moments with your travel companians afterwards.
  • And one extra if you’re not travelling at the moment, just to boost morale: coming home from the gym, a yoga class or your running practice, feeling good and knowing that whatever will be your next outdoor travel destination: you’ll be fit and ready.

© Photo by Linda van de Pavoordt, styling by Leonie Mooren. Published February 11th, 2016.

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